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The Almonte Veterinary Services clinic is a full service veterinary care facility. We are known for our high quality of care with both small and large animals. Our services for companion animals include:

Medical Examinations – We must not forget that our pets need to see their veterinarian just as we need to see our doctor. The need for vaccinations, parasite control, flea and tick control, heart worm prevention, dental care and cleaning, nutrition and physical conditioning are just some of the aspects covered in your pet routine medical examination.

Surgery – Spays and castrations are the most popular ones, however, a variety of soft tissue, orthopedic and cruciate ligament surgeries are performed as well.

Radiology & Ultrasonography – Most commonly performed when trying to establish a diagnosis. Our Automatic X-Ray Processor is vital for typical or time sensitive situations.

Laboratory Testing (In House) – This is done when testing your pets blood, urine, skin scrapings, foreign substance, etc. for anything unusual. Any testing we are not equipped for, we send to a recognized laboratory.

Dental Care

Blood Pressure Monitoring – Doppler technology permits us to monitor your pet’s blood pressure during surgery, also crucial in the assessment of therapy and progress of various disease conditions.

Pharmacy – We have an extensive drug inventory with most medications are available upon time of consultation.

Microchip Identification – Implanted under your pet’s skin, the microchip is a great way to identify your pet if they should happen to get lost. All veterinary clinics and shelters have a scanner to quickly recognize your pet.

Pet Food