New Patients

Welcome to Almonte Veterinary Services!

and Welcome to our family!

Here are some of the things our Veterinarians will help you discover and understand about your pets and companions:


  • Vaccinations: What’s available and what do we need? What are boosters and why are they important?
  • Deworming and Heartworm prevention: What is heartworm and why is it so important? How do my animals get worms?
  • Spaying/Neutering: Is it really necessary? When is the best time? I’m worried about anesthesia and major surgeries, please help!
  • Nutrition: Best practices for each life stage, and what do those complicated food labels really mean?
  • Grooming and Nail trims: Those black nails always bleed! How do I trim my pet’s nails and keep his coat looking healthy?
  • Training: Housetraining, walking nicely on a leash, stop nipping and jumping up… So many things to learn, let us help!
  • and many…. MANY more!

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